Investment-friendly ESG Tools

Striving to maximise impact and risk-adjusted returns

Why ESG for Investors?

As investors, we lacked robust tools to integrate ESG into our portfolios. So, we created our own.

  • Like all investors, we value high risk-adjusted returns.
  • Hence, we welcome tools that help:
    • use impact to boost risk-adjusted returns; or
    • maximise impact without hurting risk-adjusted returns.
  • We strive to make our world a better place. By sharing our tools for free with fellow investors, together we can have more impact.

How do we work?

We develop innovative and rigorous investment tools.


We conduct research at international scientific standards


We bring together investors and scholars


We share our tools for free to magnify impact


We provide an easy-to-use interactive platform

Discover our impact framework

We built an integrated investment framework

Our impact framework is grounded on two pillars to support the investment decision process, from portfolio construction to effective engagement with companies.

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Explore our tools

We offer free tools striving to boost impact and risk-adjusted returns

3D Portfolio Optimisers

We add a third dimension to portfolio construction: impact. The 3D optimisers find the optimal trade-off between risk, return and impact. That way, investors can thoughtfully integrate impact in their portfolios without straying from their financial goals.

Climate impact

Lower your climate impact while maximising risk-adjusted returns.

Use the 3D Climate Optimiser

Impact funds

Thoughtfully incorporate impact funds into your portfolio allocation.

Use the 3D Optimiser for Impact Funds

Engagement Maximisers

Which ESG aspect(s) should investors prioritise? Our tools help measure the financial benefits associated with improving key sustainability practices. Focusing on financial materiality should help persuade companies' management and fellow shareholders to act.

ESG Main Tool

Explore how improving 8 key ESG variables could raise the valuation of over 2200 firms worldwide.

Analyse a firm
Screen all firms

Pollution-Focused Tool

Explore how lowering pollution costs could reduce capital costs for almost 2600 firms.

Analyse a firm
Screen all firms


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